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Netflix’s foray into action films has become its own chapter in movie history. Sadly, apart from Hemsworth’s “extraction”, it’s not a chapter worth celebrating. Most of these films, despite having major stars and hefty budgets, end up appearing visually unappealing, dominated by grey tones and over-the-top digital effects. These movies often lack the craft and polish that one might expect given their resources. Nonetheless, Netflix seems content, knowing audiences will keep watching. And with such guaranteed viewership, why push for innovation and genuine filmmaking?

This brings us to “Rachel Stone: Bet on the Heart”. From its promotional material, it’s evident that the creators aspire for it to be a female-fronted version of “Mission: Impossible”. However, it lacks both talent behind the lens and compelling material on paper. The plot follows Rachel, a supposed MI6 operative who, in reality, works for a clandestine organization known as the Charter. They maintain global peace using a unique technology named the Heart, which has predictive powers. But the stakes are raised when a hacker with a nefarious team threatens this equilibrium.

While this premise could have held promise, the execution falls flat. The plot feels derivative, with twists that are more predictable than they are surprising. The lead character, Rachel, lacks depth, leaving the audience with little to connect with. Unlike the intensity of characters like Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne, Rachel comes across as uninspiring.

Gal Gadot, who portrays Rachel, unfortunately, fails to elevate the material. Absent charismatic co-stars like Pine, Reynolds, or Rock, her performance feels lackluster. Jamie Dornan seems to be there just for the paycheck, Matthias Schweighöfer is out of place, and Alia Bhatt’s character is more grating than engaging.

The film’s direction only adds to its woes. “Bet on the Heart”, despite being action-heavy, fails to captivate. Director Tom Harper’s approach to action sequences lacks tension and dynamism, leading to a rather tedious viewing experience. The genuine effort put in by stuntmen and choreographers is overshadowed by uninspiring visuals and an over-reliance on digital effects.

In conclusion, while “Rachel Stone: Bet on the Heart” isn’t the worst film to come out of Netflix’s production house, it’s far from memorable. It feels like just another addition to the streaming platform’s monthly big movie quota. Attempts to lay the foundation for an action franchise to rival the likes of Bond or Mission: Impossible fall short. Chances are, you’ll forget about this film shortly after finishing this review.

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