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In the realm of Netflix animations, much like with movies, there are numerous routine or unremarkable pieces that often go unnoticed, overshadowed by animated gems such as ‘Rodina na baterky’ or the hit ‘Sea Monster.’ Fortunately, ‘Nimona’ doesn’t fall into this category. From the initial reviews, it was evident that Netflix had the potential for an animated hit. With a strong 7.9 rating and 94% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 91% audience satisfaction rate, it’s a solid indicator of the enjoyable family entertainment it offers. Netflix certainly played their creative cards right this time, delivering honest adventure entertainment for all ages.

In this adaptation of ND Stevenson’s comics, ‘Nimona’ presents a fresh take on the future, blending science fiction elements with the Middle Ages. Set in a medieval-futuristic kingdom, a centuries-old order of knights is tasked with protecting the realm from terrifying monsters, their membership passed down through generations. The protagonist, Ballister, becomes the first commoner to join the order, but he’s accused of killing the queen during his initiation. As a result, Ballister becomes a fugitive, with the enigmatic Nimona, a renegade girl who aspires to be his sidekick, as his only ally. Nimona has the unique ability to transform into various forms, harboring more secrets than Ballister initially realizes. Together, this odd pair forms a cohesive team to track down the true culprit while delivering genuine entertainment to the audience.

‘Nimona’ maintains a fast-paced animated narrative from start to finish, leaving a more significant impact than expected. The fusion of a sci-fi/medieval world brimming with potential and inventive futuristic gadgets enriches the story, seamlessly blending science fiction with medieval themes.

The rapid and almost hyperactive creative style adds to the experience. The titular heroine, Nimona, characterized as a total punk, skillfully evokes emotions and becomes a force of destruction—all while maintaining a relatable connection with the audience. The directors fearlessly mix genres, experiment with animation, and embrace maximalism, resulting in a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. While this approach might not resonate with everyone, those who appreciate the directors’ pace and style will thoroughly enjoy it. A significant contribution to this success comes from the outstanding central pair, whom viewers can’t help but root for.

Chloë Grace Moretz lends her wonderful voice to Nimona, creating an endearing character that adds emotional depth to the film’s conclusion. Riz Ahmed, with his subtle performance, complements her perfectly. However, due to the aforementioned hyperactivity, there are instances where the film feels somewhat overindulgent. Slight pacing adjustments in certain scenes could have benefited the overall flow. Unfortunately, the humor fluctuates—sometimes it’s overly juvenile, detracting from scenes that could have shone more brightly without forced jokes. Not all situations warrant humor at any cost. Furthermore, the story follows a familiar template with predictable plot twists. Nonetheless, the emotionally satisfying conclusion compensates for these shortcomings.

Despite its flaws, ‘Nimona’ emerges as an endearing animated spectacle. Despite my initial reservations, the spirited heroine managed to captivate me. While the boisterous style may not resonate universally, and the occasionally misdirected humor might lead me to assign a rather forgiving six out of ten for the overall rating, the outcome still charmed me. Its unbridled enthusiasm, positive vibes, unapologetic creativity, and heartfelt essence make it stand out. The film boasts exciting action sequences and an equally delightful soundtrack. ‘Nimona’ is a film that invites criticism on several fronts, yet throughout its duration, you’ll likely find yourself smiling and, by the end, wouldn’t mind revisiting it sooner than a year. Such animations, not just on Netflix, are always a welcomed addition.”

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