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The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs:
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Initially conceived as a series, the project ultimately evolved into an anthology of six Western tales. Genre enthusiasts will appreciate the thematic diversity and varied narrative styles, which include a bloody musical, a “Léon”-like slow-burn, a stagecoach conversation, a prairie love story, and an epic landscape painting. While the inconsistency in pacing and style undermines the project as a cohesive cinematic experience, it fits quite comfortably within the Netflix format.

The production values are truly unprecedented for television. The sweeping vistas of the Wild West, beautifully captured by Bruno Delbonnel (standing in for Roger Deakins this time), are a visual treat. Musically, Carter Burwell provides an atmospheric score rife with intricately arranged melodies, maintaining the Coens’ standard for craftsmanship.

What pleased me personally was that each story carries a moral applicable to contemporary life, elevating the anthology beyond mere Western thrills. Themes recur, resonating across different eras, whether it’s the rugged Wild West or Trump’s America.

The ensemble cast is another highlight, with each episode featuring at least one recognizable actor—James Franco, Brendan Gleeson, Tom Waits, Tim Blake Nelson, Zoe Kazan, and Liam Neeson in an unusual role. Each story also features classic Coen elements: dark humor and bursts of violence. While the narrative’s unpredictability isn’t as sharp as in previous Coen films, they still manage to surprise and delight.

Although the anthology’s fragmented approach and star-studded episodes maintain viewer interest, some tales could have benefited from tighter editing, particularly the third and fourth entries. Additionally, not every story reaches a satisfying or meaningful conclusion. At times, the messages, albeit clear, feel somewhat banal. Nevertheless, thanks to captivating audio-visuals and a talented cast, these issues are not glaring. While “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” may not reach the pinnacle of the Coens’ oeuvre, it’s still a high-quality offering and a notable addition to Netflix’s roster.

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