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The seasoned lighthouse keeper, Thomas, along with his affable friend and cook, James, and a young novice, Donald, embark on a six-week stint on a desolate island. Their time is filled with boredom, bouts of seasickness, and rising tension when things go awry. Though well-stocked with food, alcohol, and a violin, they must rely on their resilience to survive. A violent storm sets the stage for a series of events that push the trio to their physical and psychological limits.

Had it not been for Gerard Butler’s involvement, “The Vanishing” might have slipped under the radar. Fortunately, Butler’s role as a kind-hearted chef suits him well, offering a refreshing change of pace. Making his feature debut, director Kristoffer Nyholm, known for his work on the “Taboo” series starring Tom Hardy, extracts excellent performances from his cast. Next to Butler, veteran actor Peter Mullan steals the spotlight. It’s easy to sympathize with these three guards, each dealing with their own hardships, even as an air of impending doom surrounds them.

Instead of relying on high-octane action, Nyholm leans into the island’s grim and chilling atmosphere. The protagonists grapple with their consciences, past mistakes, and moral dilemmas, confronting brutal consequences for their actions. While the atmosphere and performances are compelling, the film loses some steam midway through. The plot reveals its hand too early, leaving the audience to anticipate an inevitable, albeit limited, set of outcomes.

Nyholm steadfastly maintains the tone of a chamber drama, often avoiding elements that would classify “The Vanishing” as a straightforward thriller. Thanks to its strong cast, unsettling setting, and some undeniably intense scenes, the film still manages to hold your attention for its sub-two-hour runtime. Just don’t expect an adrenaline-pumping experience; this film takes its time reaching its somber conclusion.

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